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New Geospatial Product - Unfolded Studio

I put together a few drilling rig timeline maps testing out some new software.

New to the market, I came across Unfolded Studio. For anyone who needs a lightweight geospatial data mapping platform, you should check it out.

It is very intuitive to use if you have any experience using geospatial datasets. The first time I used the software was yesterday afternoon, and with only a few hours of using the UI, I completed several maps. One downside, large files like the rig data are slow, and I had to create some workflows to make it work for the analysis.

The improvements in the GIS/Geospatial products offered to the public over the last few years has been impressive.

ESRI's ArcGIS Pro and Online Applications/Widgets have made publishing content seamless. And new products like Unfolded have a big future. These are all dramatically increasing efficiency in the field.

Map below -

Average # of horizontal rigs active per month from 2011-2020

Hz Oil rig and Hz Gas rig breakout available here:

Software used:

Alteryx, ArcGIS Pro, Unfolded Studio

Let me know if you have any questions about my methods or if you have any upcoming projects. I've been scheduling 2021 assignments and am available to discuss any of your needs.


All Horizontal Rigs


Horizontal Oil Rigs


Horizontal Gas Rigs

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