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What's going on in the Utica oil window?

As a follow-up to the EOG post highlighting their drilling west of most operators in the region, I went back to review other operator activity in the area.

Active western Utica liquids-rich operators include Ascent, Artex, Encino, EOG, Gulfport, Infinity, Southwestern, and Utica Resource.

I started by looking at Utica production volumes, both oil and gas. As expected, the liquid ratios line up well with mapped BTU factors, API gravities, and depth.

Weighing the production volumes to another reservoir, I completed the same analysis on the Marcellus Shale.

Focusing on oil, the phase windows in the Utica and Marcellus with the highest liquids ratios and similar gas BTU values were compared.

Overall, Oil production rates are higher in the Utica wells, and the gas rates are higher in the Marcellus wells. Converting to a BOE equivalent, the areas express similar equivalent volumes per 1000ft.

It will be interesting to follow the developments across this region. The Utica/Point Pleasant is a complex formation and may lead to various techniques to access the reserves.

Included at the end of the slide deck, for reference, are slides from the year-end 2020 oil analysis. For the entire 2020 production analysis go to Maps & Data and click on - Appalachia 2020 Latest Presentation. Once the 2021 data is released, look for a basin update.

Download the entire slide deck:

Download PDF • 4.19MB

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