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PA December 2020 Production

Pennsylvania released its production data from 2020. I'll complete a full analysis at a later date, but I wanted to share the overview information.

Year-over-year December 2020 vs. December 2019

All Wells:

Natural gas 20.9 bcf/d (up 1.2)

Oil/Condensate 16.6 mbbl/d (down 1.5)

Unconventional Wells:

Natural gas 20.6 bcf/d (up 1.2)

Oil/Condensate 13.8 mbbl/d (down 0.6)

Unconventional production is up for both gas and oil compared to June 2020 following mid-year shut-ins.

Conventional Wells:

Natural gas 0.2 bcf/d (down 0.1)

Oil/Condensate 2.8 mbbl/d (down 1.0)

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