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Custom Symbols in ArcGIS Pro

I put together a map showing the horizontal wells spud by date across the Appalachian Basin in 2020. The version below is a time map created in ArcGIS Pro.

I ended up not using this map for the presentation I'm putting together. But it was the first time I created custom .svg symbols to use in ArcPro. Using QGIS, I had to create custom symbols before to replicate styles from ArcGIS. However, I had not previously imported .svgs to use in ArcPro.

After creating a rig icon in Inkscape, the process is simple to bring into ArcPro under symbology. The best part is, you can bring the vector file in once and edit the colors directly in ArcPro.

The rigs were not my favorite visual, but I am sure I'll use the custom symbols in the future.

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