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Appalachia Weekly Drilling Rigs 2019 vs 2020

I have attached a plot of weekly drilling rigs in Appalachia comparing 2019 and 2020. All three states show a reduction in rigs. This page is part of an oral presentation I am putting together, so the slide has large graphics and little text.

To highlight the changes in distribution, I combined a dot-plot with rotated violin plots.

The dot plot shows the annual average number of drilling rigs per week.

The violin plots show the distribution of the weekly data. Where the chart is wider, more weeks are reporting that specific number of active rigs.

Pennsylvania has a unique distribution, with 2019 being significantly elongated, indicating many changes throughout the year. 2020 in contrast, shows a more concentrated distribution around the annual average.

Original data is from Baker Hughes and represents all rigs (horizontal & vertical).

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