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The Rise to Number One

EQT vs Chesapeake

An Appalachia Data Story


Chesapeake entered the Appalachian Basin with a purchase of Columbia Natural Resources (CNR) in 2005. With the CNR position and an active leasing campaign, Chesapeake became the leading natural gas producer in the basin by 2008.

EQT was founded producing gas in the Appalachian Basin and has been in operation for over a century. Growing unconventional shale gas production slower than Chesapeake, EQT used strategic acquisitions in the mid to late 2010’s to surpass Chesapeake and become the largest natural gas producer in the US.

Notable Transactions:


2005 acquisition of CNR

2014 divestment toSouthwestern Energy

2018 divestment toEncino Energy


2016 acquisition of Trans Energy

2017 acquisition of Stone Energy

2018 acquisition of Rice Energy

- For informational purposes only – not investment advise

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