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Monroe Co., Ohio Production vs PhiH

Going through production data and reviewing NUTECH's IRAD platform, I decided to put together a quick comparison. Using the ODNR's RBDMS well database, well details and production were calculated. The analysis used production numbers based on 360 days of production per one thousand feet of completed lateral length. After organizing the lateral information, it was combined with the ODNR's lateral shapefile. Using NUTECH's map of porosity x thickness (PhiH) of the Point Pleasant, each lateral was assigned a petrophysical value. After plotting the data, the Point Pleasant PhiH and production show a positive trend. Operators in areas with higher PhiH are also outperforming peers in the county. The analysis highlighted is limited to one petrophysical parameter. To refine the analysis, IRAD has additional petrophysical information available.

If you have any questions regarding the analysis below or NUTECH's IRAD, please reach out.

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