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Lateral Spacing Calculations - Alteryx Continues to Impress

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

An issue I've struggled with for years is an efficient method to calculate lateral spacing across thousands of wells. Enverus has a tool in Transform, but it has been cost-prohibitive for many teams. Proximity calculations in GIS provide a rough estimate but lack refinement for detailed models.

Experimenting with Ohio well data, I put together Alteryx workflows to calculate lateral spacing using different types of data. One workflow runs off of shapefiles and calculated spacing (avg, min, max) to multiple offsets of over 500 wells in seconds. Another workflow imports directional survey points and calculates spacing to offset wells.

Why build multiple types of workflows?

- Data available

- Use case

- Flexibility and QA/QC

What are some use cases?

- Completions pre-planning and post-analysis

- data analysis on a stage by stage basis

- Production analysis

- Reserve calculations

- Development planning

- Due diligence - confirm operators' reports

This analysis requires the combined use of Alteryx and GIS but allows for nearly unlimited criteria in lateral selection, including changes over time.

What are your preferred methods for calculating lateral spacing? I am sure some of you have built custom coded models. Are there any other GIS or software hacks?

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