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1st Quarter 2020 US Drilling Rig Summary

Last Friday, Baker Hughes released the 13th week of drilling rig data closing the first quarter of 2020. It was a quarter few of us will forget.

Changes Week 1 to Week 13

All US Rigs -68

US Horizontal Rigs -48

US Hz Gas Rigs -16

US Hz Oil Rigs -32

Over the 13 weeks, WTI Oil price dropped $48 and Henry Hub spot price dropped $0.36.

The county with the biggest change over the quarter was Reeves Co., TX dropping 12 horizontal rigs for a total of 29 active rigs.

Below is a video showing a 3D map representing the quarterly change. The height is based on the change in rig count and the color represents the current number of rigs. To use the map visit

Note, the active visualization does not work on most IOS devices.

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