• Dave Boyer

1st Quarter 2020 US Drilling Rig Summary

Last Friday, Baker Hughes released the 13th week of drilling rig data closing the first quarter of 2020. It was a quarter few of us will forget.

Changes Week 1 to Week 13

All US Rigs -68

US Horizontal Rigs -48

US Hz Gas Rigs -16

US Hz Oil Rigs -32

Over the 13 weeks, WTI Oil price dropped $48 and Henry Hub spot price dropped $0.36.

The county with the biggest change over the quarter was Reeves Co., TX dropping 12 horizontal rigs for a total of 29 active rigs.

Below is a video showing a 3D map representing the quarterly change. The height is based on the change in rig count and the color represents the current number of rigs. To use the map visit https://www.mudrockenergy.com/map001.

Note, the active visualization does not work on most IOS devices.

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